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Every roofing and renovation project has its own challenges. Individual construction styles, damaged from weathering and age, require a customized approach. It takes experience and commitment to deliver satisfaction for every project. It takes the dedication and expertise of Vatica.

Whatever the roofing system, Vatica has specialists who have mastered it. Shingle Slate. Built-up. Metal. EPDM. APP or SBS modified. PVC. Rubberized asphalt. We also offer extra reinforcement through thermal and moisture protection systems.  

Vatica ensures rapid, expert service at every phase, from initial planning through testing of the completed job. We have completed hundreds of projects of all sizes and scope – and have the work force to complete multiple projects simultaneously.

Our skilled quality control personnel help assure customer satisfaction with every project. They participate in reviews with corporate and customer management and analyze status reports on the work in progress. They also make on-site visits for added assurance. We ensure that the same characteristics that helped build Vatica's success - a proactive management approach, attention to detail, hands-on roofing experience, commitment to clear communication and fast response - are a reality for each customer.