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Vatica’s operation is designed for safety, efficiency and excellence. We maintain close coordination with our clients to assure each project is meeting the client’s standards and to minimize disruption to a building’s occupants ... whether we’re working on a custom restoration or a full addition.

When Vatica works on a structure, the building’s occupants work too. Joint Chiefs of Staff hold high-security consultations. Students study in classrooms and work out in the gym. Professionals hold office meetings. They feel secure knowing we’ve installed all necessary safety rails, barricades and signs… and that we’ve arranged our activities and workspace to be as unobtrusive as possible. We credit our comprehensive safety program for our excellent safety record.

Our strict Quality Control plan includes daily reports and regular meetings to ensure on-track progress. Meanwhile, project management is designed to assure flexibility, efficiency and strategic allocation of resources. Issues are rapidly resolved and any changes smoothly incorporated. Throughout the project, we work to meet schedules, minimize cost and mitigate risk.