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Roofing Systems

The company tradition of superior quality is upheld by Vatica principals. Key personnel ensure that scheduling, pricing and construction align to provide the highest customer value. Vatica’s quality control personnel ensure that high standards of support and service remain constant throughout the life of each contract.

We recognize that a building is most vulnerable when a roof needs repair. Therefore, we begin work promptly and assure weathertight conditions at all times – especially critical for buildings rendered fragile by age.

We begin by unclogging all roof drains, including cleaning of any associated debris. Then we coordinate removal of the existing roof system so that only the area which can be reroofed the same day is removed. The new system is installed and tie-ins made with the existing roof system and installation of flashings to complete all penetrations.

Vatica knows how to handle every type of weather. In the event of cold temperatures, we’ll use insulators and heating equipment to maintain proper application temperatures for bitumens, solvents, adhesives, sprayed polyurethane foam, and coatings. In hot weather, we’ll monitor the temperatures of our heat welders to assure we don’t scorch materials. If weather is unsuitable for work, we’ll wait until the next opportunity.

In each case, we’ll make the right decisions to balance the realities of inclement weather with the need to safeguard the building with a dependable new roof.