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Historic Challeges

Historic buildings require knowledge, skill and imagination. Vatica has all three. We’re proud of restoring structures in artful accordance with the most demanding historical preservation standards.

Perfection is Vatica’s passion. That’s why clients trust us with irreplaceable structures. Our craftsmen take pride in assuring the best structural and aesthetic results, whether they’re repairing centuries-old walls, building customized dormers and moldings or simply securing a flashing.

We maintain strict procedures for Quality Control. Experienced personnel analyze status reports and make on-site visits for added assurance. They participate in reviews with corporate and customer management and analyze status reports on the work in progress. Senior management ensures that scheduling, pricing and performance align for project success.

Every historic building presents unique challenges; its original design, construction and pattern of aging require flexible thinking and one-of-a-kind solutions. Vatica’s craftsmen enjoy developing innovative ways to restore original elegance ... and our clients enjoy the results.