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High Standards

Our clients know they can turn to us for a single-source solution … and unparalleled satisfaction for restoration projects.

Re-Roofing a National Treasure

The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC is the retreat where President Abraham Lincoln spent roughly a fourth of his presidency. When the roof on the campus’ 1850s-era Sherman Building began to deteriorate, the Retirement’s Home called Vatica. Vatica successfully completed the historical restoration of the Sherman building–replacing the existing copper and slate roof, built-in gutters and downspouts.

Custom Dormers, Dozens of Slate Roofs

The Stevens Elementary School in Washington, DC, was built in 1868. Over a hundred years later, its exterior was showing signs of wear, and its slate roof was in poor condition. In addition to replacing the roof, Vatica fabricated custom eyebrow dormers. Vatica also installed built-up and slate roofs for dozens of historic and non-historic buildings at Ft. McNair, Ft. Myer, Ft. Belvoir, Ft. Meade.

Interior Restoration

For clients from government agencies to private homeowners, our craftsmen provide custom work that pleases down to the last detail. We fabricate custom cornices, moldings and other elements, and ensure that each task is beautifully executed ... down to the last bracket or brushstroke. Our approach ensures a process that allows owners and employees to continue their daily routine, even when a major renovation is in progress.